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Full IT department management for organizations with no onsite IT staff. Managed Onsite incorporates onsite technicians with full monitoring services. Under Managed Onsite, most service requests are performed at the user's desk. Good for clients with a more developed IT structure who have users who require face-to-face interaction.


Move your organization away from costly on-premises file and mail servers and onto the Cloud with our proven migration services.


IT support at a constant monthly rate structure based on the number of users and required services. Under MSP, Accurit may have a technician onsite on selected days, but IT support originates with ticketing, and is preformed mostly remotely.  Good for start-ups at the beginning, when their staffing levels are developing.


Plot your organization's direction, and stay on course, with CIO guidance from the Accurit team's 40+ years of experience.


Launch your business, cost-effectively and right the first time, with Accurit's platform of Cloud and on-premises solutions.


For non-US organizations looking to set up offices in the United States, let Accurit be your point-of-contact for your US-based technology needs.


Accurit was founded in 2012 with one mission -- to provide the highest quality of IT services through onsite collaboration with, and dedication to, our valued customers.

Accurit is not a managed services company.  We are a "managed onsite" company.  Our staff comes to your organization.  We interact with your users face-to-face.  We take care of you where you work.  And if you need us when we're offsite, we're never more than a direct, non-ticketed e-mail or phone call away.

Accurit will craft for your organization a plan of action, within budget, for any technology solutions you require.  Your bottom line is our first priority.  Accurit has the flexibility to work with companies of all sizes to give you the IT services your organization demands, without giving you more than you need. 



Accurit's core specialty is to grow companies to the heights and breadths they envision.  Many of our clients originated as start-ups, with no idea how to configure those first IT infrastructure items that are vital to get off the ground -- domain name, e-mail system, Cloud solutions, connecting everything to Internet, switches and devices, getting users operational.

Accurit has taken these companies from their first steps to, in several cases, well over 100 users, in several branch offices across different regions and countries.  It is what we do best.  And along the way, they have a partner who knows their IT systems to the minutiae.  When their needs change, we have known exactly what to change to enhance their vision.

But start-ups aren't our only specialty.  Over the years, many valued clients have asked us to take over from the IT vendors that started them.  For each of those clients, we evaluated the state of their IT infrastructure, made changes where necessary, and put them on the path to growth.


If you are looking to grow your company, let Accurit be your valued growth partner. 





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